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This is my 1966 Nova.

I purchased this 66 in Febuary of 1998 and these pics show the condition I bought it in.

Accually these pics were taken after i installed the carpet kit, side door panels, and rims.

5feb_98.jpg (36282 bytes)

Current equip:

66 327ci with the 275hp options.

Th350 with shift kit.

3.08 geared rear end  non-posi.

Msd 6a.

205/60 15's fron and 245/60 15's for the rear.

Current E.T. : 15.7@87 mph

Plans for the Car:

To be installed:

280/480 comp cams mag.

blaster 2.


performer rpm intake.

holley 650cfm.

Headers /w Flowmasters.

After these parts have been installed im hoping to run in 13's

Eventually my weiend blower will find a home on a new 350.

After this engine is thrown in along with 3.55 posi i hope to run 11's who knows/.