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Thats right I hang out on irc and you probably do to so dont try an deny it! Anyways I mostly hang out on #hotrods and #cars under the name Nova66. So come by and chat or something.

Here are some links to other peoples pages that hang on #hotrods and #cars.



Well if you want to see his 67 429ci Stang follow his link because his pics are WAY to big to post.



This guy knows a hell of alot about mustangs and hes a really a cool guy. Check out his page its really cool. Wabba Wabba

bry2sm.jpg (16025 bytes)


She is the conversation starter of #hotrods. Shes able to draw everyone out of hibernation the second she joins. She drives a older Z car so check out her page.


Sharkey is a really cool guy with charger problems. Hes been trying to seel his 68( i think its a 68) for quite some time now. So contact him on #hotrods if yer interested. I think he has a new 68 now so go check it out.



Heres another dodge/plymoth fanatic that chats on #hotrods. He has alot of nice engine compartments on his page like this 70 cuda with a shaker hood.

70cuda.jpg (52011 bytes)


Blackmail is another patron of #hotrods and one of the few pontiac fans. He drives a 1966 LeMans that he calls Le Goat i think. Is that gto grill supposed to be there?

front.jpg (11155 bytes)


This the channel where we all hang out and this is its home page.


This guy is from Canada and belongs to a race team called riffraff racing. They race at a local 1/4 mile paved oval. There are alot of restrictions on there cars but is sounds fun and fast. Check out his page for more info about his team,cars, and track.